I do not believe in an identity.
ozone is simply a word that can stigmatize an awakening event.

“I am what cannot speak, I am what cannot be silenced” OB
  1. first and foremost, i am agnostic.
    above all else, i can say with the utmost certainly is, that i do not know. it is not clear to me at least, the separate distinctions, boundaries, conditions, limitations or the extent of the concepts of divinity, humanity and our environment.
  2. second, I am a scientist.
    this is to say that, i want to know. I am willing to conduct experiments to find out. the established principles of the (scientific method) is a reliable way to acquire data about our external, internal, subjective, objective, and emergent realities. if all else fails, we still have the method of trial and error to find our way.
  3. third, I am an ANTI-theist.
    this is to say I am a non-beliver. I reject the modern concepts of mono-theism; as established by and re-written for; the support and function of imperialism. It is my contention that the nature of divinity is beyond the reach of human reason and understanding. It is an article of faith that a condition exists beyond human interpretation.
    in other words, there is a definite line between what we can know and what cannot know.
  4. fourth, i am a poly-theist.
    This is to say; there is more than one perspective. I am aware of several traditions, philosophies and concepts of divinity that have valid contributions to the goals of humanism, social well being and strive to reinforce the social contract.
  5. Last, though not least; I am a yogi of Bodhisattva.
    That’s to say, I am a pagan. I have taken the vows of the Bodhisattva path, a branch of the Vhajriana Buddhism. This path is also known as the diamond way; or the rite of ascension. That’s to say that my life, activities and purpose are to make progress towards the embodiment of enlightenment and accept the burden of reincarnation to ensure the enlightenment of all sentient beings.
    “Last one to leave, turn out the lights”

I am a carpenter by trade. I am a contractor and consultant for several types of projects. I manage, build and renovate buildings for private owners and other property management companies.
I am a multi-media designer. I create custom graphics, t-shirts, print material and websites for various projects and organizations.
I am a video producer and editor that document Critical local actions and events that provide a relevant online media presence.
I am a human rights and political activist. Yes; I have been to prison. I have served over 7 months in federal custody protesting several actions over the last 20 years.
I am a mechanic and shop manager. I run a small company in San Diego that builds and sells a limited production, 3 wheeled all electric motorcycle, Called a spira.

Pre-occupation: Hobbies:
I play and study the shakuhachi. A Japanese zen mediation flute. 1.8 key of D. made by Tom Deever

I study and practice a martial art known to few, as swimming dragon Qi gong. also, kundalini yoga.

I run a small Jewelry shop on etsy. I design and weave by hand custom chainmaille jewelry.

legacy artwork:
I carve egg shells. It’s work study of the compound radial curve. It’s a form of active meditation that with the slightest distraction the egg shell can shatter in your hand. They are not for sale, however they are given out to individuals who I believe, has achieved a measure of excellence in there work. My goal is to recognize and acknowledge outstanding achievement with the private or public presentation of a Bhaguan egg.

I also study perma-culture and the necessity of sustainability. I’m currently working with several groups to develop their properties.

I study the theory of detox and nutrition with Dr. Arnett, Dr. Morse, Dr. Hulda Clark. Thats to say I’m working towards a complete vegan, fruitarian, diet and lifestyle. then eventually attempt to subsist on juice and herbal teas, only. then transition to the high art of breathairians and pranairians. Similar to the traditions of the ancient mountain Taoists.

i have earned several certificates completed course work in a wide array of subjects. such as:

psychology of personal growth and development.
psychology of industrial and organizational management
some code work in: html, css, php, xml, flash, avi, joomla, linx-apache, wordpress, java, pinnacle editing. currently studying ROR, and Elixr some block-chain protocols.
audited courses: MAPL: in masters of advocacy and leadership
audited courses: Princeton, NJ comparative religion and philosophy, aikido
Audited courses: at Carnegie mellon, PA
computer science: cognitive process deleopment and Logic structure

current course work: SDSU; construction Management and supervision,
8 years of social work as live in volunteer
perma-culture online course work
airbrush reproduction
self taught, self directed field of study

prior and current positions:
business owner: ozone designs, LLC
Member of the Emergent reality Network
disciple of the maha devi ascension movement
board member of the arrowhead interfaith council.
member of the northland anti-war coalition
administrator of the peace north network.
loaves and fishes live-in community member
political campaign manager: communications and multi media specialist.
admin team: google fiber twin ports
CAMERA B UNIT: video production for google fiber: the commercial
SRO- transitional housing owner & manager.
soaw- prisoner of conscience
soaw – DC office intern
nukewatch: E.L.F. activist
member of the prison dharma network
member of the international egg art guild
shop manager, mechanic and sales spira4u

ideological view:
i am a feminist: i demand that women are persons, not property. they must have the same rights, privileges, access and treatment as anyone else regardless of biology.
i am redistributionist: none shall be too rich, none shall be too poor. wealth can be redistributed to serve the needs of the many before the needs of the few.
i am an abolitionist: i support the abolition of the police state, the billionaire class, and qualified immunity. i advocate for an end to all forms of slavery, debt liens, and criminality. I am in direct support of a constitutional amendment. to enshrine this movement.
i am an advocate for restorative justice. in response to the black lives matter movement: the ENTIRE punitive justice system must be abolished and be replaced with a restorative justice system in a deliberate and democratic fashion,
i am a determinist: its my opinion that; the maze is sufficiently complex to create the illusion of free will. simply put, humanity is confined and limited to the physics of this earth within a series of finely tuned parameters.
i am a pragmatist: I prioritize the values of humanity and seek to reduce harm.
i am a humanist: i maintain the position that the potential of the human condition can change, evolve and be improved upon.
i am an environmentalist: the needs of the environment and the impact of human activity can coexist in a sustainable, bio-dynamic and life affirming way.
i am a tran-humanist: I support the premise that there are emergent properties of human activities and the human condition can be augmented in a variety of accepted and controversial methods.
i am a non-dualist: i am not here to say duality does not exist, however, there is a condition were the perspective of duality can be transcended from the misconceptions duality creates.
I am a pagan: I prefer to follow the old ways. as above, so below. love shall be the whole of the law, YET, harm ye none.
i am a taoist: the dao that can be named is not the eternal dao. I have entered the 3rd cave, yet, I do not dwell there.
I am za-zen: a student of my own experience of quiet awareness.

Historical chain of events.
I was born in Minnesota and grew up in Florida. When I got older our family moved to Pennsylvania.
take away: “the world is to big and life is too short to stay in one place”

I attended a private high school at byrn Athens, PA; A Swedesborg academy.
take away: there’s so much more to the life, than what we see”

I attended a military boarding school, NJROTC: Naval junior reserve officers training Corp. I completed basic training at usmc Paris Island. I was destined to become an usmc ensign out of high school and an usmc
Lieutenant when I was sheduled to finish their 4 year college program. I refused to enlist when it came to sign up. Instead, i signed my dd214 and I have conscience objector status.
take away: “adapt; overcome and conquer.” “i would rather make love, not war”

In college, I audited several courses at Princeton. I worked on a classified darpa project at Carnegie Mellon. I again refused to sign up for the degree and rejected the entire idea of diplomas. Our entire department was quickly shut down when an unknown source, testified under oath, at congressional hearing about the clear and present danger and imminent threat our program posed to the American people. In short, someone spilled the beans.
take away: there are people, places and things that you really dont want to know about.”

I am currently working on my own thesis; a self directed field of interdisciplinary study. I’m in the process of compiling my PhD thesis for publication and review in the next year or so.
take away: ” i refuse to be told what to do” (“in time all things will be revealed”)

i spent a few years building and racing the porsche 914 in a local PCA..
take away: “built a fast car to catch the fast chicks:” wasn’t worth it.

I spent time studying pagan and alternative religions in New hope pa.
take away: “lived an alternative lifestyle walking behind the veil”

After that, i’ve traveled the country following the tribe of rainbow gathering.
take away: “welcome home! a real world exercise and preparation for civilization collapse.”

I have spent time studying at a private ashram of the Maha devi ascension movement. In California and on the island of Western Samoa.
take away: “what is bliss if you can’t share it? it becomes a burden of suffering.”

I have spent several years working as a live in volunteer at the loaves and fishes a catholic worker community. Its a community of four houses that run a group home/homeless shelter for those in need in Duluth MN. Where we committed to live with the guests, provide hospitality and be the voice of reason when ppl can’t function on their own.
take away: “many hands, make light work”

i have been arrested and served over 7 months in prison for several actions.
take away: “when the laws are unjust, just men belong in prison,”

I owned my own 4 unit apt building called the (5th house of dharma) where we provided low income transitional housing; An SRO for single adults.
take away: “a voice in the wilderness, where the struggle is real”

started my own web development company. our primary goal was to provide low cost solutions for the peace and justice community to help build their online presence
take away: “strategize, organize and mobilize.”

i worked on the admin team for the google fiber twin ports national campaign bid to get goggle fiber installed in our city. we saw the highest bipartisan community engagement ever in the history of Duluth with a record of over 30% of the population as registered members.
take away: “google fiber, it will really move your bits!”

I have worked on several political campaigns over the years including but not limited to: local city council seats, county commissioner seats, Mayoral races, congressional and state representatives. I worked on AL Frankin’s campaign, as well as Amy Klobuchar to name a few.
take away: “create debate, build consensus, inform new policies”

Political affiliations:
I am a registered Green party Voter. since the Nader-la duke campaign of 2000.

i personally identify as:
biological – masculine – hetero – male:
preferences: biological – feminine – hetero/bi females.
relationship preferences: abstinence – mono – (poly interested)
status: unavailable, single, with no children
demo-graphical: T.M.I.

permanent residence: I currently live on 300 acres on the black River just outside of Duluth MN. I seasonally work in San Diego and travel the country for various projects.

So when ppl ask me what I do, the short answer, is its complicated.  

we design the future.

If any thing, I am patient, resourceful, and resolved to be the change I want to see.

I would like to personally invite you to the future.